2013-01-26 01:47:18 by Vortex00

finally finished with a game I have been working on for seems like forever.
Daughter of Eve

I started back when PowerOfThree was the hot new idea. lol

It can always be tweaked, have stuff changed or added. But it is time for me to move on.
I have quite a bit of things I need to finish and upload. And I will in not too long of a time hopefully.

I have a hentai sim type RPG coming soon that should be pretty interesting.
If you are interested in getting a early look at this check out my site where I update my development status quite often.

do you do draw hentai? but know nothing about making games? But have an idea for one? Send me a PM, I can code pretty much anything.



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2013-01-26 02:52:57

Hentai + Programming = League of Legends


2013-01-26 05:01:26

Hentai + Programming = Hentai Porn, nubz.
Hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue


2013-01-26 07:38:03


Anyway, I think that Hyptosis mentioned not being good enough to code the games he's working on. He doesn't draws Hentai stuff though.

Well, apart from that Maya+Lilith thing.


2013-01-26 08:02:31

Hentai + Programming = HENTAI POWER!!


2013-01-26 10:24:31

Dude... I got this!


2013-01-26 12:16:17

lmao power of three..
Hi Primary, been a while


2013-01-27 01:27:43



2013-03-21 20:24:02

Dude, my anti-virus blocks your site and i am not sure i should turn it off but i want to see your progress.
Any comments about this?

Vortex00 responds:

you are using Avast I assume?
there is no malicious code on my site. I am not out to trick anyone.
I made it from scratch myself. no ads or anything.
another person told me of this as well.

use any online site check tool and you will see the site is clean for yourself.


2013-07-17 17:18:51

Notices about the game (battle mode):
1) Remove the camera altogether (make the screen static)
2) Add a hit animation for when characters get hit. During hit animation characters can't move or attack
3) Make it so that a character can deal damage no more than once per attack. A character shouldn't deal damage continuously
4) Display red text which shows amount of damage dealt. Or just "-1". The text should fly up and slowly disappear
5) I don't understand which health bar goes to which character. Make health bars above characters' heads so we can see how much health remains on them.
6) Attacks should push targets away from the source of damage.
7) You should add acceleration/deceleration for characters' horizontal movement.
8) Make death animations, screen fading with black and then showing the victory/defeat screen.
9) Remove the necessity to hold the jump button to jump higher. That feature is confusing. Just make the jumps instant.
10) Yes, you should practice more on making games. I can see large talent, but very underdeveloped. I fail to see why are you so confident in your skills. Almost arrogant. You need to program more...

Vortex00 responds:

not confident, but I do know what I am capable of coding, I don't claim to be some master game developer, nor is it something I am striving for, nor is it in any way job related. I also unfortunately am not set out to please everyone, as I mentioned in the description:
"I hope everyone can find the game enjoyable, but realistically... I can't see it happening. "
I saw the replies coming a mile away, but I obviously was not set out to make a perfect game. Making a flawless fighting game engine is something that is non-trivial for me to do, and takes lots of time that I don't have to give.

As far as programming more, I have tons of things I have programmed that I have not even posted on here because people will nitpick this shit out of me over it. And I don't feel like dealing with it currently because I like to reply to everyone.

I will go through your list

1) I can make it optional with default being static.
2) Adding any extra animation requires me to redo all animations of all characters. I don't have time to do this currently, nor did I have the time back when I was actively making the game. It is why several other animations are not present.

why? because the animations are video clips and I lost the original art I did to make any more.

3) won't do this, I like multi attack, just my pref. several games have this and several games don't
4) this is very low priority. considering the other issues.
5) I have no plans to have life bars over or under the character. I originally intended to put the face in the circle next to the health bar thoguh. I will experiment with it perhaps and see if it works.
6) will probably add this in when I do the other stuff.
7) I prefer the precise responsiveness, instant movement even if the animation is not smooth.
8) see #2
9) will look into it when make changes later
10) see 2nd paragraph

Thanks for the feedback and being specific.

I made a video a while back on my thoughts cover a wide range of (negative) feedback:
http://spiralvortexplay.com/forum s/thread-608.html