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Not bad~ love the BJ audio from Dolly! Keep making hentai stuff~

D-Rock responds:

I certainly will!

tbh looks pretty good from her waist on down, but but there is plenty of room to improve.
you are missing highlights on half of the hair and ponytail.
the eyes can use a bit of work to get the correct perspective.
the ears and nose can use a touch of shading.

keep up the practice~

alukardxisd responds:

Ty, and yeah I missed some details, I won't miss next time XD.

Good Stuff!

I know this took long as hell to make. And it's done really well, it deserves more recognition.

d-z responds:

When i submitted this almost no one has seen it because that day there was a myriad of submissions lol

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It's good to see some mechanics not commonly used in hentai games. The art is pretty terrible, the background is not existent, and some sounds would have been nice. perhaps some sfx to match her facial expressions. The overall idea is not bad though, has lots of potential. It is just that folks here like to see things that are more complete and polished.


glad to see more than some gallery or puzzle hentai "game" around here, and someone who actually makes it a real game and draws their own stuff... on newgrounds? lolwut? keep it up

I also agree with TitanZombie but if you do decide to make a sequel don't get too ambitious. There will always be some peeps talking about more stuff you could have done. I know it all to well.

Kajio responds:

Yeah if I've got blowjob, handjob, tifuck, vaginal from three different positions, and randomized cumshots for each someone will say "You coulda added different characters!" haha

Good solid game.

Normally I don't care too much for these 'find the differences' games, But this one was pretty neat. It has a nice take on a classic tale, great artwork, and I enjoyed the music while trying to find the differences. Normally it's pretty annoying, and games like this normally seem pretty unpolished, but not this one. Good job.

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This is good stuff

This is good. An overly obnoxious anime voice wouldn't have worked as well as this.


..you used it finally, and didn't waste my time >.>;

DJ-Delinquent responds:


i always forget to credit people for helping me

ill get right on that >.<

playing it safe

creepy, unholy, I like. WS had some good shit going but I lost my groove around certain parts it was tight but there became a need to replay it to actually hear what he was doing there. All the parts didn't really flow upon first listen of the song, and the vocal area was difficult to hear clearly. This one plays it safe, because you almost can't mess it up without it being totally obvious >.>;

There was a comment on the user page about official judges instead of fans and I agree.

but as it is.. Delinquent + 1

DJ-Delinquent responds:

Well by usuing the fans it would give War Spawn the Edge

this way no one complains about the battle being unfair

WS has more fans making it harder for me to win

meaning if i actualy DO win, i over came allllll his fans

and only a true honest winner can win that.

basicaly it makes me more of the under dawg.

Delinquent 12

War Spawn 1

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It is a nice picture.
However the idea is here upload stuff you drew yourself.


300300 responds:

Thats not right..This is my works of Art...Thats bad someone stole and is sharing my Art all over the web :(.. Well I kinda share my works in diffirent Hentai/Anime pages too so part of it is my fault ><

Nice job

Looking good, keep it up!

good job

I like the pose and hair. The jeans could use some shading in those folds/wrinkles. Also the shading on the skin needs some work but you have the right idea.

SakuraSama responds:

Thanks for the critique!


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