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Vortex00's News

Posted by Vortex00 - May 18th, 2017


Myself and ttrop have been working on a game called Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH) for a while now and we are on our way to finishing the game and working on better stuff. As I finish UMCH I also took the opportunity to make separate chapters in the process that I plan to upload here. Each will feature a different quest from the main game.

My games and animations are intended to be fun and comical, as opposed to trying to make something super realistic.

I make a bit of everyting, from long duration hentai games, to minigames, 3D hentai and ecchi videos, 3D games, and more all based around my OC characters.

If this sounds intresting to you please check out and support the patreon so we can grow and reach our goals!

It has early access to game projects, discord, voting, game perks, animations from my current games, and more.

follow me to be notified when I upload more stuff:

you can also follow on various social media if you want.

I upload a lot of work in progress stuff on my website and patreon such as the pic below~




Posted by Vortex00 - February 13th, 2016

ARIA has been updated to 2.3
it took a while mostly do to bug testing and several UI changes.

I will try to upload it to NG next week but with a online version I have leave several things out because the game loads voices externally and uses custom files.


-several interface changes and changes to how the mechanics of the game works.
-in game tutorials added in settings menu in the top right.
-able to use characters and support and support agents.
-able to get captive regular agents and use them in the space battles.
-by request the rape scenes are added for public versions.
-new animations to unlock from the side story games.
-and Kim scene added to the game
-most animations in the holodeck unlock from getting at least to 20.

for more info see the walkthrough for the game here:

also working on art for a new ARIA game

I will also have information of Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc coming up next.

you can see some early aniamtions for it here:


Posted by Vortex00 - March 28th, 2014

update: May 21, 2014


update 3 of umcc offline version. This is the complete game

this update is avaliable through patreon:



update: May 07, 2014


update 2a of umcc offline version for free. This is the complete game

please stay tuned and donate through patreon:



I fixed some issues with the online version today ad the date of this post. But the offline version still has any of the same issues from release. I chnaged the name of the swf so hopfully that didn't mess with the shared objects :S

I now have the offline version as pay what you want model.

Now you can just go to bandcamp. Click Buy Now, and enter in a $0 (zero) amount if you don't want to pay anything, or you want to but can't paying anything.

I removed the link~

in the bandcamp files there should be a swf file named:
Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - UmichanMaikoClassroomCheaters.swf
That is the game

some things missing from the online version are:
-music mini game after getting guitar and joining Music club had to be removed
-there is a missing hentai minigame in the sex club
-the cheerleader minigame was removed.
-the good ending scene was shortened.
-there is a harassment/bullying mechanic that was removed
-traveling to the park area and all the photoshoot objectives got removed.
-I have a few customized graphics you can import into the game which work offline that are not present also.


For those who previouly had trouble with the online version :

My reccomedation is that if you have issues with the boob photo or the arcade minigame is to complete these on the online version then transfer your saved string data to the offline version by copying the save string and loading into the offline version using the little sentinel drone icon. Be sure to copy the entire save string. you will need to scroll down in the tablet to get all of it.


I will also eventualy get the faces looking better. this is a wip


Thanks, feel free to ask questions here or PM me, I will respond and answer them as I see them.


Bandcamp added the CD name onto the file names. for the custom images to work you need to rename
Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - custom_shirt_graphic.png
Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - UMCC_import_mobile_device_bg.png

Posted by Vortex00 - March 24th, 2014



go play it, go hate it, go like it. It is all up to you.

website: http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/

music: http://vortex00.bandcamp.com

I want to also mention that I am working on a sim game with Pinoytoons. some of his work is here: http://pinoytoons.newgrounds.com/movies/ Is is basically spiritual successor to Vandred Love Quest but without the same characters. I wanted to use my own characters instead of characters from a Anime. It is call ARIA. some gameplay mechanic of that game are based from concepts of a fun stragety game called Nano War:



But I will post more of that later.

For now if you have any trouble with Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters fee free to post questions here.



Posted by Vortex00 - February 15th, 2014

Please download this and give me any constructive feedback


I am working on a hentai RPG game. If anyone reading this has a bit of time I could use your constructive opinions, thoughts, feedback. there is not a lot of actual hentai in this demo thoguh.

I will be dumping a few smaller demo flash games here that aren't really fit for the portal. So follow me on newgrounds if you want to keep track of that.

if you want to support this game I have started a kickstarter for this here:http://kck.st/1c8mJkm


Lots of information on the game is in this video  


also in my kickstarter is a 3D boob mousepad you can grab~!








Posted by Vortex00 - January 26th, 2013

finally finished with a game I have been working on for seems like forever.
Daughter of Eve

I started back when PowerOfThree was the hot new idea. lol

It can always be tweaked, have stuff changed or added. But it is time for me to move on.
I have quite a bit of things I need to finish and upload. And I will in not too long of a time hopefully.

I have a hentai sim type RPG coming soon that should be pretty interesting.
If you are interested in getting a early look at this check out my site where I update my development status quite often.

do you do draw hentai? but know nothing about making games? But have an idea for one? Send me a PM, I can code pretty much anything.


Posted by Vortex00 - May 20th, 2011

I submitted Umichan:Maiko Versus Slap to the portal:
Thoughts ?

Also I've been working on a fighter game for some time now:
I took the BGM out of the fighting game for now.
It's not here yet because it isn't finished.
Thoughts ?

Also I submitted new art:
It not the full picture but I haven't made a proper background yet.
full image is 4k X 8k
Took forever to draw. FOR-EV-ER.

thx for reading.

I haz new stuff? O.O!

Posted by Vortex00 - January 28th, 2011

I deleted my latest animation series I was working on.
I guess I'll work on it some more?

Not sure what changes I can make.
It's difficult because the way I color sacrifices animation because of all the importing.

Umichan ADIAL ep1, maybe next time! ^^;

Posted by Vortex00 - January 20th, 2011

So I see Tom made a FP post, naturally like many users, I'm going to click it and read it.

About the topic of that post, imo AlmightyHans pretty much summed up my opinion of it.

Everything by everyone can mean different things.

"Everyone can put something here"- or "The Best Of all Types"
This choice would be how Tom wants to do it.

But what prompted me to make this is Tom's reply to one comment about adult games.

TomFulp responds:

"We actually will be filtering out Adult rated submissions from awards in the future, which I know will cause SOME controversy but people will just have to get over it... Adult stuff always finds a crowd so it doesn't need our help to promote it."

well.. not trying to be the controversy, nor insist it be promoted here.
but I will post some.. alternatives? ><
being someone who posts adult stuff into my mix of crap.

Before I begin, I realize what I'm writing won't really matter. So yeah.

But firstly note that I have funny-games ads on my adult crap for sponsors.
If Newgrounds sponsored adult stuff it would have been Newgrounds for sure.

I draw my own crap. And code it.
I actually left from Newgrounds looking for a sponsor elsewhere.

And peeps I can tell you, finding a sponsor for adult flash is not as easy as it seems. Damn near everyone just wants to steal your crap to put on their site. Extreme caution is needed. I'm saying this from experience.

Also I actually joined Newgrounds to work with a team of other NG users on a adult flash. (check my early post history)

Though Tom's reasoning IS understandable, I would like to mention some adult artists do exist on here that make their own crap that isn't a stolen click through art gallery.

More original artists will come if it is more inviting, but as it is, it is not very attractive, and by that reply I read, it is going to be getting worse.

So thank you to all to the hentai peeps who submit stolen art flash galleries and demos and crap. good job. Now when I decide to compete on NG for a daily medal for a adult rated game coded and drawn myself, and collaborated with other NG artists... I wont be able to! :D

And I've been working on some epic shit. Don't judge by my old crap here. I've been working on some pretty good crap for the past year or so. Oh and Nakoruru is my muse and the bestest ever!

Note that I haven't uploaded anything for quite a while. But I have been lurking the flash portal.

And what I think is really "stealing" daily medals is sponsored flash from other sites in general. The rating being adult down to everyone doesn't really matter.

Imo if you have your flash pimped out with Newgrounds links and stuff you should be able to compete in the portal for a trophy. If not then you cant.

alternative suggestions (for what they are worth, which is nothing I am sure T_T;)

Maybe trophies can be applied by rating? Everyone, Teen, etc.
Or maybe by type? like parody, etc.

another might be separate trophies for sponsored games/movies?

and maybe a adult trophy is weekly? something like turd of the week

Hit me with some feedback Newgrounds I want to know what peeps think.

And if you see Tom, tell him to check his e-mail or my PM geezzzzzz... -_-;

Mass blam? ok. adult submissions, wait what!?

Posted by Vortex00 - January 12th, 2011

I was pretty much of it, the whole past year.
But I've been working on lots of stuff.

I have a long laundry list of stuff to do this year.

So be expecting all kinds of submissions from me to Newgrounds this year, art, games, animation, and music.

also if interested I have a new website. link is on the left under contact info.