New hentai sim game

2014-03-24 03:03:15 by Vortex00


go play it, go hate it, go like it. It is all up to you.



I want to also mention that I am working on a sim game with Pinoytoons. some of his work is here: Is is basically spiritual successor to Vandred Love Quest but without the same characters. I wanted to use my own characters instead of characters from a Anime. It is call ARIA. some gameplay mechanic of that game are based from concepts of a fun stragety game called Nano War:

But I will post more of that later.

For now if you have any trouble with Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters fee free to post questions here.




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2014-03-24 12:20:09

hey, good game, and excellent visuals!
can i download it for offline playing?

keep it up, you're good!

Vortex00 responds:

On the contact info/Websites section of this page you can find the offline version in the Bandcamp link or the patreon link for as little as $1. After about a week or so I'll have it free, but the money helps fund the upcoming stuff I am working on.


2014-04-01 15:25:55

Congrats nice to see you post news in Newgrounds what is going on with you. Hopefully things will get better. Since you are partnering with another user.

Vortex00 responds:

If those art resources work out then I will be able to draw less for umichan stuff as well.