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UM: Classroom Cheaters Offline verison

Posted by Vortex00 - March 28th, 2014

update: May 21, 2014


update 3 of umcc offline version. This is the complete game

this update is avaliable through patreon:



update: May 07, 2014


update 2a of umcc offline version for free. This is the complete game

please stay tuned and donate through patreon:



I fixed some issues with the online version today ad the date of this post. But the offline version still has any of the same issues from release. I chnaged the name of the swf so hopfully that didn't mess with the shared objects :S

I now have the offline version as pay what you want model.

Now you can just go to bandcamp. Click Buy Now, and enter in a $0 (zero) amount if you don't want to pay anything, or you want to but can't paying anything.

I removed the link~

in the bandcamp files there should be a swf file named:
Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - UmichanMaikoClassroomCheaters.swf
That is the game

some things missing from the online version are:
-music mini game after getting guitar and joining Music club had to be removed
-there is a missing hentai minigame in the sex club
-the cheerleader minigame was removed.
-the good ending scene was shortened.
-there is a harassment/bullying mechanic that was removed
-traveling to the park area and all the photoshoot objectives got removed.
-I have a few customized graphics you can import into the game which work offline that are not present also.


For those who previouly had trouble with the online version :

My reccomedation is that if you have issues with the boob photo or the arcade minigame is to complete these on the online version then transfer your saved string data to the offline version by copying the save string and loading into the offline version using the little sentinel drone icon. Be sure to copy the entire save string. you will need to scroll down in the tablet to get all of it.


I will also eventualy get the faces looking better. this is a wip


Thanks, feel free to ask questions here or PM me, I will respond and answer them as I see them.


Bandcamp added the CD name onto the file names. for the custom images to work you need to rename
Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - custom_shirt_graphic.png
Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - UMCC_import_mobile_device_bg.png


I think a little clip of a video with the pact in the game showing how to do it. Or a text or something to read how to do it in the files. It would save you the trouble from people keep asking you how on different sites you post stuff too.

I need some kind of walkthrough. But that would take me a long time to do lol. To cover every little trick possible or way to go about completing something would take a while for sure.

I actually posed how to do the boob photo already

Can I download the game somewhere?

Hi, you can download it from the link right there in my blog post.
also please read the sentence right above it

i download Vortex00 - UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST - UmichanMaikoClassroomCheaters.swf
but the game will not play what i need to do to make the game play

please read the readme file

There is no free version on band camp the minimum is always $7

it automatically changes back after too many people download it for free. you can get it from my website also.

nice game the update 2 was very nice but need more anal and some strapon-on more things to do with the boy at home and in the woods and beach the min game at park was not good it would been nice if there was a threesome and have sex with the female teacher. how can i buy more things for this game? when you going to make a part 2 of Vandread love quest or offline game to that game i love your work keep it up man

When I was originally making the game, I was not thinking about how much hentai a can cram into the game. The hentai was just a part of her story. So there is not hentai all over the place. Actually anal never even once crossed my mind when making the game.

sex with teachers and a good portion of the hentai content in the current game (2a) was added recently via request. The park and yuri stuff at the store was a last minute thing I added into the initial release version. I still feel the same way about it. the game is not about going around and being able to sex anyone in the game, there is actually a story in there heh. I don't mind adding some extra stuff, like the stuff that I added.

I didn't plan to make a Vandread part 2 or anything like that. At most I might try to fix a few of the bugs. I don't want to do anything more with copyright characters from some official anime, etc. I'd rather stick with my own original characters.

However I am making another space hentai sim game called ARIA. it takes a some concepts from VandreadLQ and improves it. That will be the next thing. All the art for it is almost done.

Thanks for the feedback

Is the game available for free..as i am not able to pay $7 for the game...