ARIA 2.3 released

2016-02-13 20:02:31 by Vortex00

ARIA has been updated to 2.3
it took a while mostly do to bug testing and several UI changes.

I will try to upload it to NG next week but with a online version I have leave several things out because the game loads voices externally and uses custom files.!IV4ARSyI!UM-RThxazJUbI3pplXBxIC3wp_fYJIYQ-62AVEBhO0U

-several interface changes and changes to how the mechanics of the game works.
-in game tutorials added in settings menu in the top right.
-able to use characters and support and support agents.
-able to get captive regular agents and use them in the space battles.
-by request the rape scenes are added for public versions.
-new animations to unlock from the side story games.
-and Kim scene added to the game
-most animations in the holodeck unlock from getting at least to 20.

for more info see the walkthrough for the game here:

also working on art for a new ARIA game

I will also have information of Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc coming up next.

you can see some early aniamtions for it here:


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2016-02-14 02:40:27

If u need a voice actress or soemthign Im here :3

Vortex00 responds:

Thanks, you can PM a link to your demo reel.