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Nice job

Looking good, keep it up!

In the Mirror In the Mirror

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good job

I like the pose and hair. The jeans could use some shading in those folds/wrinkles. Also the shading on the skin needs some work but you have the right idea.

SakuraSama responds:

Thanks for the critique!

Level 49 Level 49

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LegolaSS :D

Good job, I was scrolling through the lvls collab forum topic when I saw this. There's a lot of little stuff I could nitpick at, but I'll mention only the two major things I noticed aside from the hand you mentioned.

First, for the hand holding the arrow, you should make the arrow going behind her entire wrist and not just the bracelet part.

Also I see there's shading on the breasts, but you need to slap some shading on that cloth covering it as well, It's looking pretty flat. I do see a little bit there in the folds, but I'm talking something that matches the contour for the bust relatively well.

And if you wanted to get really clever with this.. you could add a shadow coming down from the arm above her boob with the belt covering it.

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LegolaSS responds:

darn it!... how did i miss all them points... its alot easyer to see them when you didnt draw it... right... back to the drawing board to tidy my picture up...
*im going to leave the hand untill i feel up to the challenge :P*... you see... i missed out the hands so i could work on them later on... so they were on their own layer.. thus meaning the arrow was behind it but the main body was behind the arrow... thus why it looks like that... il slap some heavy shading on the cloth so it maches with the rest of the XTREAM boobage... and... il have ago with that shadow from the arm... im good at spotting stuff like this... how come i cant see it when i draw it >.<... anway... going to work on it now >:{